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Kristine Kopelke transforms professional development with Learning Hub

Like many teachers Kristine Kopelke wears a number of hats. One of them is a very big hat indeed. Beside teaching digital technologies at Queensland’s Meridan State College, Kopelke is the manager of the Contemporary Learning Hub based at the college. The Hub provides professional development (PD) through online and face to face workshops for educators across... Read more

Canterbury College pioneers digital pedagogies, leverages drones and HoloLens

James Jenkins poses an important question for teachers: “If digital technology can make your lesson either more engaging more effective or more efficient why wouldn’t you include it?” Jenkins is a science teacher at Queensland’s Canterbury College, and also head of the school’s digital pedagogy initiative that has him supporting teachers as they implement digital... Read more

Seymour College discovers formula for creating ‘Girls of Steel’

There’s a formula for creating ‘Girls of Steel’; it involves mixing together equal parts science, technology, electrical engineering and English literature and allowing students’ natural creativity to take hold. ‘Girls of Steel’ is just one example of the transformation taking place in the education of young women today at Seymour College. It is being championed... Read more

Peninsula Grammar amplifies learning impact by applying technology to evidence-backed pedagogy

The window in Dean Pearman’s office looks out over the bay of Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula. It’s a glorious vista – but it’s not the water views that inspire him each day, instead it’s the opportunity to transform teaching and learning, harnessing technology to help students achieve their full potential. Pearman is the Director of Learning Technologies and... Read more

Andrew Balzer unlocks the learning potential of classroom technology

When the students at Swansea High School wanted to put more benches around the school, Andrew Balzer suggested they conduct a digital experiment. First the students built the benches using Minecraft Education Edition, then used the mixed reality app on the Microsoft Surface to locate the benches around the school - under trees, in hallways – in order to see where they would... Read more

Innovation centre fires imaginations and boosts digital skills for Glenwood High School students

MIE Expert Noelene Callaghan share's her vision and expertise applying technology in education. There was a time when school computer labs often resembled ghost towns - filled with ancient, dusty kit, they were sparsely populated apart from the clutch of tumbleweeds rolling down the aisles. Not on Noelene Callaghan’s watch. Callaghan runs the innovation centre – known as... Read more