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Registered Professional Learning Workshops in the Sydney Microsoft Store

Looking for some registered professional learning on integrating Microsoft technologies into your classroom over the summer break? Want to take your Office 365, OneNote and Sway skills to the next level and ensure you get registered professional learning hours before you go back to school in term one? During the summer vacation, Microsoft will be offering free BOSTES... Read more

10 Top Education Apps for 2015

Guest post by Matthew Jorgensen  First of all, forgive me for the terrible pun.  I am a bit app-rehensive about such an obvious joke, and wasn’t sure if everyone would app-reciate it.  But the fact is that the Windows Store is bursting at the seams with juicy educational apps ripe for the picking.  Now, because sometimes you don’t know what you... Read more

Secrets of the Speech Night Powerpoint Display

Guest post by Matthew Jorgensen Speech night. Celebration evening. Final assembly. Whatever your school calls your night of nights, there is usually a lovely period of time as everyone files in, where the year is laid out in a PowerPoint of smiling children and teachers dressed up as book characters. Hundreds of PowerPoint slides flash up on the screen, some with cool... Read more

NSW Primary school uses Onenote, Mix and Sway to spur collaborative learning!

Guest post by Craig Warner, Relieving Principal, Barnier Public School, NSW Since mid-2014, Barnier Public School has achieved great outcomes with cloud-based collaborative learning pedagogies. Just a few years ago, our NAPLAN scores were up to 30 points behind the State average. With new forms of teacher–teacher, teacher–student, and student–student collaboration –... Read more

Minecraft vs Project Spark vs Kodu Game Lab

Guest post by Matthew Jorgensen  Game based learning has been a part of any good teacher’s arsenal since the dawn of time and, via digital devices, is permeating the classrooms of the world, engaging students to learn through, by and with play. Sit any child in front of a computer and they will no doubt rather play games rather than type up their information report.... Read more