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Reimagining Chemistry with Minecraft: Education Edition

Aussie Science Teachers - it's your time to shine in Minecraft: Education Edition! With the recent introduction of the Chemistry Update for Minecraft: Education Edition, there has been no better time to expose your Chemistry students to a new dimension of learning. Discover the building blocks of matter, combine elements into useful compounds and Minecraft items, and conduct... Read more

Minecraft Education Edition takes the Australian Curriculum into a whole new world.

For good reason Minecraft Education Edition is exploding in popularity and landing in classrooms all over the world. Not just a game, Minecraft Education Edition is a platform that allows students to freely explore, imagine and create through virtual environments and collaborative worlds. It’s no surprise that Australian educators are rapidly uncovering the pedagogical... Read more

A wrap up from FutureSchools Conference and Expo

Last week, on the 23rd and 24th March, the Microsoft education team connected with educators, speakers and edtech innovators from all across Australia at National Future Schools. Expo and Conference. This year the event took place at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre where educators across Australia visited the Microsoft stand to get hands on with interactive... Read more

Minecraft in the Science classroom (Gaming and Student Engagement)

Guest post by Megan Pusey, Microsoft Innovative Expert Educator. If you have ever played a video game you will know how addictive and engaging they can be. Indeed, they are intentionally designed to be enjoyable to play. With 68% of Australians playing video games, it’s no surprise they are making their way into the classroom (IGEA 2016). One game in particular, Minecraft,... Read more

Announcing Minecraft: Education Edition

Arriving this winter, Minecraft: Education Edition aims to reach educators around the world with a richer set of features and thriving community At its core, Minecraft is an open world that promotes creativity, collaboration, and problem solving. It’s enjoyed by a worldwide community of over 100 million players who constantly inspire us with their creations. Many of the... Read more