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STEM learning brought to life

The idea of flipped learning has been around for almost 10 years, however the skills and technology challenges were always too great to make it a practical proposition for most schools. But this is no longer the case! Today, teachers all around the world are using tools like Office Mix to deliver flipped learning as part of a STEM approach. Flipped + STEM = Too Hard In theory,... Read more

Next level Learning Perth: The Best of Microsoft in the Classroom

  Microsoft’s Next Level Learning series of education events culminated in Perth on Tuesday 22nd March.  Hosted by The Hale School, NLL Perth showcased the very best Microsoft in Education tools and strategies to promote innovative anywhere, anytime learning. After a thought-provoking keynote presentation from Aidan McCarthy, Director of Worldwide Teaching and Learning... Read more

Flipping the Classroom with Office Mix – Part 2

In Part 1 of Flipping the Classroom with Office Mix, we explained how Office Mix allows teachers of all abilities deliver interactive learning artefacts that students can watch away from the classroom, so that the contact time is spent supporting students in the application of knowledge or creation process. Flipping the classroom or flipped learning, using Office Mix, is a... Read more

Flipping the Classroom with Office Mix; Part 1

The concept of flipped learning and “flipping the classroom” is nothing new, however developing engaging, dynamic content simply has never been easier. One tool that has enabled the simple creation of rich flipped learning content is Office Mix. We’ve covered Office Mix many times before on this blog but over the next three posts, we hope to show how you can start... Read more

Next Level Learning Roadshow – Content, resources and thanks!

The Next Level Roadshow has drawn to a close with the final instalment this year finishing in Adelaide on Thursday November 19th. Over the past three weeks, the Next Level Learning Roadshow has visited the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Parramatta & Adelaide working with teachers, IT Directors, principals, eLearning coordinators across all sectors in these areas.... Read more