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Artificial Intelligence In The Classroom

This article first appeared in the Interface Magazine March 2018 edition and has been republished with the kind permission of the editors of Interface. You can see the rest of the great articles here. This is a guest post by Sam McNeill. It is an exercise in stating the obvious to say we are living in a rapidly changing world, where technology is both one of the... Read more


Tech Schools reveal how fresh thinking and new technologies transform learning and boost student opportunity

The world that awaits today’s generation of school children will be quite different to the one we know now; it will be mobile, technology enriched, increasingly automated, AI-infused and very, very fast. It means that the skills and capabilities that young people will need to succeed when they leave school are also changing. Earlier this year the David Gonski-led... Read more

Future-proofing and expanding students horizons at Toowoomba Christian College

We all have that one special teacher who we recall had a big impact on us, someone who helped shape our future through their dedication, encouragement and most of all, confidence in us when we were faltering. One such mentor is Alison James, Specialist Computer Studies Teacher from Toowoomba Christian College in Queensland.  Founded in 1979, the school is a P-12... Read more

Webcast – Developing on Office 365 in Education – Wednesday 20th January

There’s over a billion Office users, and over 200 million education customers using Office 365. And with the shift to the cloud with Office 365, Office has become a platform for developers, as well as a set of tools for users. Customers expect apps and web services to use their existing tools, rather than create a new one for each different system they use (things like email... Read more

The Accessibility Guide for Windows 10 and Office 2016 – helping students with special needs

Last week we released the Accessibility Guide for Educators for Windows 10 and Office 2016. And I put it onto my ‘must share that sometime’ list. But it wasn’t a priority for me, because in the past I’ve written a lot about accessibility with Microsoft products and services, including things like: The Microsoft Disability Answer Desk for Australia, where a teacher or... Read more