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Baumol’s Cost Disease and Education

I normally avoid controversial subjects here, but today I thought I'd dive in with both feet with a question, and see what happens! This morning in Sydney we're hosting the Australia Education Partner Summit, and I'll be talking at 10 o'clock about where things are going in the future. I thought you might be interested in some of the content, so here's one of my first slides: ... Read more

How to win the global Microsoft 2013 Education Partner of the Year Awards

Every year thousands of worldwide partners get together with Microsoft at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference. In 2013 it’s being held back in the USA in Houston (hint: great week to spend in the northern hemisphere summer rather than the southern hemisphere winter!). And some businesses walk away with the accolade "Microsoft Partner of the Year" with a global,... Read more

What Bill Gates’ Saturday Essay made me wonder about university MOOCs

Bill Gates is no longer involved with the day-to-day business of Microsoft (even though my children still think that's who I work for), and instead spends almost his entire time on the work of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which focuses on global development and health. And last week he wrote an essay for the Wall Street Journal, titled "Bill Gates: My Plan to... Read more

You can’t just airdrop technology

A principal recently confessed that he'd ordered a bunch of tablets for a whole year group of his students…and hadn't yet told the teachers. I was reminded about the comment when watching Anthony Salcito (Microsoft's global Vice President for Education) talking at the TEDx event in Paris in November. He described 'air drop technology' where IT is simply dropped into school: ... Read more

Impacting student retention–the hundred million dollar question

Across Australia, tens of thousands of students start courses in universities that they never finish. Sometimes it’s because they find their course isn’t quite what they expected, and switch to a more suitable course. And sometimes they find that the university or course doesn’t meet their needs, and they switch university. Other times they end up leaving higher... Read more