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Pioneering the next generation of genomics research—in the cloud

Australian National University (ANU) is the top-ranked university in Australia, and the 24th best university in the world. Researchers at ANU contribute to this prestigious ranking by advancing knowledge and conducting groundbreaking studies, including cutting-edge genomics research. Over the past year, Dr. Sebastian Kurscheid, a research fellow in the Department of Genome... Read more

Digital classrooms aren’t a distraction. Here’s why.

Many people assume that devices and technology distract students and negatively affect how teachers run their lessons. That’s not the case when implementation is done purposefully, with learning tools that support existing structures in the classroom. In other words, tech doesn’t replace the teacher, but enhances their capabilities in teaching and administration. One of... Read more

OneNote Redefines Educational Apps: Part 1

As term one kicks into gear, we will continue to post a series of ideas of how to integrate amazing tools into your day to day classroom and school activities to save you time and engage students in new and different ways. We’ve already posted a couple of ideas of how to use the Office Mix, now it’s time to introduce OneNote to anyone out there who isn't sure where to... Read more

Hololens in education – case study video

The team working on the Microsoft Hololens are quietly working on creating ambitious new ways of achieving new things - you've hopefully seen some of the demonstrations that they've given at global events like Build and the Windows 10 announcement earlier in the year (if not, jump here). And that includes working on uses for Hololens in education, and imagining some of the... Read more

Why the pen is mightier than the keyboard: The evidence

When I wrote about “How to help students to remember more” towards the end of last year, I shared a video of my colleague Travis Smith talking about the power of pen-based input for students, over a simple keyboard interface, for key tasks such as note taking. (I recommend either the 15-minute or 60-minute version of his talks). You’ll see that we strongly believe in the... Read more

Research says the pen is mightier than the keyboard – and other useful education research nuggets

Like to talk about pedagogy and 'research driven education', but don’t want to read all those long academic research papers? Well, here's some really important academic research, but in TL;DR format: First, the reason that my colleagues and I often talk about pen input on Windows tablets:   Students who used laptops to take notes learned less than students who... Read more