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The Top Microsoft in the Classroom blog posts of 2014

This blog has been sharing the best of Microsoft in the Classroom since late 2013. We thought you might like a recap of the most popular posts since we began. We dived into the statistics to check out what was read, shared and re-read the most. Below are our top 12 posts. Why not use your holiday time to catch up on the best of our best? Interestingly OneNote was our big star.... Read more

Just pinch me… Or ink me….

Guest Post by Matthew O'Brien - Microsoft Expert Educator A few weeks ago I had an life changing experience whilst presenting using PowerPoint. Its best summed up with the text I posted on the Microsoft Expert Innovators Yammer group:“Amazeballs!!! Did you know the pinch gesture works when presenting in PowerPoint – you can zoom in, and zoom out takes you to the... Read more

Surface Pro 3 + Screenbeam = Untethered Teachers

Guest Post by Matt Jorgensen, Microsoft Expert Educator In a traditional classroom set-up, student device screens face away from the teacher, who is tethered to the front of the room, presenting from their brand new Surface 3 Pro which is plugged into the wall. This configuration can be traced back to the organisation of industrial revolution workers on a production line.... Read more