Tag: Student Recruitment

Using CRM to manage student lifecycles

We’re just about to enter a new academic year, with just over half a million Australian students just about to start their first year at university. They’ve gone through (or are still going through) a process to select their course and university, and to enrol and be ready for next month’s O weeks. Here’s another way to describe this: 38 organisations... Read more

Find out what’s new for education customers in Dynamics CRM 2013

There are now many education customers in Australia using the Dynamics CRM system for a whole range of different scenarios - student recruitment, alumni management, donation management, student retention, case management, event management, even OH&S processes. So the launch events for Dynamics CRM 2013 will be of interest to them as much as to institutions evaluating their... Read more

The challenge of student retention–how early do universities spot students at risk

I’ve been chatting with Jon Ryder at XMPro in the UK, who has been working with British universities on projects for student engagement and retention. I’ve also been working with Microsoft Education partners in Australia on the same challenge, and their solutions which help universities and TAFEs identify students at risk, and then effectively manage student retention... Read more

University of New England heads to Lync for 23,000 students and staff

Last week we were able to announce the news that the University of New England, in Armidale in northern New South Wales, has become the latest big education customer to use Microsoft Lync for real-time communications. It will become the way that their 23,000 students and staff can collaborate and communicate anytime from virtually anywhere, including via instant messaging,... Read more

Using Microsoft translation tools in education

For years, the challenge of creating and managing translations of content and curriculum has been looked at by people in the academic/tech world as “too hard, I’ll look at it later”. And yet, with $15 billion of revenue for Australian universities and TAFEs coming from international students, perhaps it’s a good time to take a look at a couple of the translation tools... Read more

Reducing friction for international student recruitment with unified communications

Two weeks ago I explained why Lync and Skype are joined together, and some examples of how it will be useful in education. In a nutshell, it allows you (and your external users) to connect conversations between your own Lync system and consumer Skype users – typically the kind of software students and future students use at home, outside of the institution. Here’s one... Read more