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Creativity and Code: Here’s how to join them in your classroom

Can coding be fun? It should be, according to a leading lesson developer for Australian schools. Pip Cleaves, one of the Experts in the Microsoft Innovative Educator program, believes that the best way to get students engaged in STEM is to treat it as a creative platform like that of art, music, or drama. “Many people don’t associate STEM subjects with... Read more

Future-proofing and expanding students horizons at Toowoomba Christian College

We all have that one special teacher who we recall had a big impact on us, someone who helped shape our future through their dedication, encouragement and most of all, confidence in us when we were faltering. One such mentor is Alison James, Specialist Computer Studies Teacher from Toowoomba Christian College in Queensland.  Founded in 1979, the school is a P-12... Read more

Feedback strategy guides STEM uptake of wireless; video tools

Guest post by Steve Crapnell, MIE Expert and head of eLearning co-ordination at All Hallows’ School, Queensland. Like many schools, All Hallows’ School in Brisbane is experimenting with stylus-enabled devices for STEM topics. What makes us different is our strategy. For the past 18 months, our technology adoption has been guided by a single, clear aim: to enhance the... Read more

#Back2SchoolHELP is here! Teacher Ambassador hosting Live Stream FaceBook Q&A

Microsoft Education is here to help you with your 2017 Class planning, with live webinar sessions and moderated Q&A from teacher experts. Join the chat all week by RSVP’ing here. Or submit your question using #Back2SchoolHELP. Find out how to set up your 2017 class with collaboration tools for limitless productivity: Get top tips & tricks on creating rich... Read more

This easy presentation software lets students focus on content, not design

Presentations are a key part of the academic world, and multimodal assignments are frequently assigned. In most cases, the teacher wants to know what the student knows and understands about the topic being presented. The knowledge of how to use the software and the design principles (i.e. their understanding of appropriate font size and colour, image placement and size,... Read more