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Uses for Hololens in education

Less than 100 days ago, we revealed Hololens during the Windows 10 announcement, and since then we’ve all been waiting for a second chance to see it… Hololens in Education Well, last night, that finally happened at the \Build conference as the team revealed what they have been working on, and especially focused on Hololens in education, with teaching and learning... Read more

Uses for Office 365 Video in education

A few months ago we announced the Office 365 Video service, which is an internal video publishing service on Office 365, and we recently confirmed that it is now rolling out to all of our Office 365 Enterprise customers (that automatically includes Office 365 Education services, with plan E1 and E3). What the service allows you to do is create a video portal within your Office... Read more

Business Intelligence in schools – mapping data with Report Builder

Rod Colledge, is a Microsoft Most Valued Professional (MVP) for SQL Server, and an expert on the technology side of the use of Business Intelligence in education in Australia. For a living, he helps Microsoft customers with their own business intelligence projects, through his business at StrataDB. But in his role as a Microsoft MVP one of the things that he’s been able to... Read more

You can’t just airdrop technology

A principal recently confessed that he'd ordered a bunch of tablets for a whole year group of his students…and hadn't yet told the teachers. I was reminded about the comment when watching Anthony Salcito (Microsoft's global Vice President for Education) talking at the TEDx event in Paris in November. He described 'air drop technology' where IT is simply dropped into school: ... Read more

Social media and student recruitment–why is it so important?

Remember Shift Happens, from five years ago? Of course, it spawned a lot of similar style presentations, and they're still rolling on today - many with the same soundtracks. Here's an interesting one that would wake up the start of a conference or meeting, from Erik Qualman (author of socialnomics), about the impact of social media on sharing of information. I thought it was... Read more

Windows 8 for education–a look at Windows To Go

One of the clever additions to Windows is the Windows To Go, which is really helpful if you're considering using Windows 8 in education. It gives you a fully manageable corporate Windows 8 desktop on a bootable external USB stick. This could allow support for “Bring Your Own PC” and give access to your IT environment for users’ own devices without compromising security.... Read more