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How a university saved $1.5m with virtualisation and management tools

When I left the UK to move to Australia, we'd already had a few years of significant pressure on public sector budgets, and education had taken the hit alongside other sectors. At the time, there was a lot of talk about 'back office functions' as opposed to 'frontline services', and in many cases that meant that the budget cuts were made in areas where there was little direct... Read more

What’s the hybrid cloud model, and what does it mean for you? Switched On Briefings could help answer that

In September and October, we're running a series of events – Switched On Briefings – on the ways that you can optimise your infrastructure using a hybrid cloud model. It's looking at it from a large-scale, enterprise architecture point of view, so it will be most suitable for infrastructure specialists from universities, TAFEs and those of you running IT for large school... Read more

BYOD in education–TechNet Jump Start training to help your planning

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in education is a recurring topic that is coming up in conversations, and pops up in the media regularly too. There isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to BYOD in education, as each institution has different needs, policies, attitudes and current position. For some education customers, they are considering whether they’ll allow access to... Read more

Reduce costs by virtualising Blackboard onto Hyper-V

According to analysts, one of the drivers for IT changes in Australian universities services is the need to continue to drive down cost of delivering IT services. That’s not only for planned changes (eg new systems and services), but also for existing projects, where there is an opportunity to cut the cost of existing service delivery. One way to reduce the cost of your IT... Read more

Bring Your Own Device in education – will this workshop help with your planning?

I know that there’s a lot of interest in Bring Your Own Device in education, especially in BYOD in schools. And whilst there’s plenty of buzz, the case studies I’m seeing at the moment appear to be driven by lots of enthusiasm and innovation – and with plenty of ‘learning experiences’ happening during the process (the equivalent of building airplanes in the sky).... Read more

Is quick disaster recovery something that’s important for education customers?

Whilst I know that there are many differences between education IT and commercial IT, there are still more similarities than differences. For example, when I was reading a Delimiter case study about Coles IT systems, and their decision to virtualise their store servers onto Microsoft’s Hyper-V, I couldn’t fail to spot similarities between their IT and an education IT... Read more