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Webcast – Developing on Office 365 in Education – Wednesday 20th January

There’s over a billion Office users, and over 200 million education customers using Office 365. And with the shift to the cloud with Office 365, Office has become a platform for developers, as well as a set of tools for users. Customers expect apps and web services to use their existing tools, rather than create a new one for each different system they use (things like email... Read more

Staff training for 2015: Work Wonders with Office 365

Every Tuesday afternoon our Office team run free 15 minute webinars for users of Office 365 with handy hints and tips on getting the most of the Office suite, including handy user tips for PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Lync and Yammer. They run at 2pm AEST (ie perfect for an early-afternoon tea break Sydney-time , and just before lunch in Perth), and are designed to give you... Read more

How do other education institutions solve their storage problems? Webinar

Education customers have vast quantities of data to be stored – and demand for more storage from users is growing all the time. There are three basic choices: Keep adding storage in-house in your own datacentre (even if you’re a smaller school with a little stack of servers, it’ll quickly grow to become a datacentre!) Push all of your data into the cloud (and when each... Read more

Webinar on cloud privacy and data sovereignty

The benefits of cloud computing for public sector organisations run right across the public sector, including education.  But as executives explore the opportunities, they often become concerned about data security and the privacy risks associated with online services – and justifiably so. We’re running a webinar tomorrow (12 March) at 2PM AEDT, where we’ll tackle... Read more