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Windows Apps for Education Refresher

The list of Windows apps for education is constantly evolving and growing. As schools head towards the end of year and the thoughts of planning for next year come to the surface, we thought we’d publish a refresher list of some of the awesome Windows apps for education that you can think about integrating into your plans for next year. Some are new, some you may already... Read more

Awesome Apps for Assessment and Marking

Guest Post by Mel Cahill Being on summer holidays and traveling has made me even more aware of my need to work smarter and more efficiently, mainly so I can spend more time traveling and less time thinking about work. Traveling in countries that don’t speak English can make things quite difficult. Two Windows Phone apps that have been a real luxury have been the... Read more

SAMR Meets Microsoft

The SAMR Model of technology integration is used by many teachers across the globe to ensure their use of technology leads to better learning outcomes for students. After reading lists of learning activities and apps sorted into this continuum using other platforms, we thought it might be nice to create a list of how Microsoft apps, services and software might fit into this... Read more

The Twelve Days of Christmas according to a Microsoft in Education Expert Educator

Wondering just what you can do with a Microsoft Surface? Need to know more about how other educators are using them? This post will give you a bunch of ideas about the sue of Surface Pro 3 in education Our Expert Educators in Australia and New Zealand are an amazing bunch of inspirational and innovative professionals. Matthew O'Brien has just written 12 blog posts in a row,... Read more

Windows 8 Apps for Creating a Socially Connected Classroom

Guest Post by Trent Ray Microsoft Expert Educator - Originally posted at Doing 'IT' for the kids. You would be hard pressed to find a secondary school student today without a device in their pocket, connect to the world’s knowledge with a handful of apps keeping them socially connected. It might seem strange to preceding generations that students of today have up to a... Read more