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A teacher helps a student working on a tablet, with the headline "TweetMeet | IncludEd: Accessibility, Equity, and Inclusion"

April TweetMeet on Accessibility, Equity, and Inclusion

For April's Microsoft EduChat TweetMeet, we're addressing an area that's crucial for making sure every student has a place in the classroom, and feels safe and supported as they learn. Join us for Included: Accessibility, Equity, and Inclusion! We've brought together a team of hosts from a variety of educational backgrounds to lead the conversation about their experiences in... Read more

A teacher stands at a desk and works on a laptop, with the headline "TransformEd: Class of 2030"

TransformEd Change Agents: Colleen Horzelenberg

Colleen Horzelenberg is a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert and a teacher at St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Elementary School in Ontario. She's passionate about the ways that educational technology like Skype in the Classroom empowers students with creative avenues for learning, and engenders a greater sense of community and inquiry beyond the conventional classroom. For... Read more

A teacher helps a student on a Surface device, with the headline "TransformEd: Class of 2030"

TransformEd: The Class of 2030

When today’s kindergarteners enter the workforce, up to 10% of the jobs will be in categories that don’t exist today. To help make sure all students are future-ready, we’re partnering with WE and Fair Chance Learning to support educators as they prepare the Class of 2030 for the world of tomorrow. We’re excited to announce TransformEd! This initiative is a chance... Read more