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Go with the Flow to Simplify Your Digital Life

Ammar Aquil is one of Microsoft in Education Canada's Learning Development Specialists. He recently took Microsoft Flow for a test-drive, and it changed his digital life. Learn from a digital learning expert about how you can streamline your online! ••• "Just go with the flow." Has that saying ever actually relieved anyone’s anxiety? I know I've said it to a few of... Read more

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Coulter Lewis: Bringing a Learning Development Specialist to your classroom

When I was teaching in the classroom, Wednesdays meant a few things: hump day, chicken burgers, and after-school PD. I was a new teacher, keen to learn everything and test it out with my ambitious 8-year-olds. I would rigorously write notes, ask questions, and immersive myself. I felt confident and ready to deploy the new tech with my students. Then reality would hit—student... Read more

Empowering student voice with Flipgrid

With its focus on empowering student voice, Fligrid has made huge waves in the education community. Teachers around the world have caught Flipgrid fever! That's part of the reason we've been so eager to partner with this amazing organization to better serve students. If you're new to Flipgrid, Canadian Learning Development Specialist Vance Beblow has a quick how-to guide to... Read more

Microsoft Learning Development Specialist Ammar Aquil on game-based learning with Minecraft

Ammar Aquil is one of Microsoft in Education Canada's Learning Development Specialists and an expert in game-based learning for K-12 education. Read about his experience exploring Minecraft: Education Edition and how the Update Aquatic opened up new landscapes for learning. *** As a student, I struggled throughout most of my math education, and also parts of science as... Read more

Meet Canada’s Learning Development Specialist team

Meet the team of Canadian edtech experts who are excited to support you in the classroom this year! Whether you're looking for a PD session for staff or some help leading students in a technology-based activity, the Learning Development Specialists are your go-to-team for free, in-person support in the classroom. Here are a few of the areas where our Learning Development... Read more