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A teacher helps a student working on a tablet, with the headline "TweetMeet | IncludEd: Accessibility, Equity, and Inclusion"

April TweetMeet on Accessibility, Equity, and Inclusion

For April's Microsoft EduChat TweetMeet, we're addressing an area that's crucial for making sure every student has a place in the classroom, and feels safe and supported as they learn. Join us for Included: Accessibility, Equity, and Inclusion! We've brought together a team of hosts from a variety of educational backgrounds to lead the conversation about their experiences in... Read more

A woman holds a tablet and stands in an open office space, with the headline "Microsoft EduChat: Women in STEM | March 5th, 7:00 PM EST"

Join the #MSFTEduChat Canada TweetMeet in March: Women in STEM

With International Women's Day on its way, our upcoming TweetMeet celebrates the work of Women in STEM, and how their example inspires girls to explore their passion for science, technology, engineering, and math. We know that mentorship is one of the most important factors in whether young women pursue a career in STEM, so we're bringing together a group of women with a... Read more