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Leadership in Transformation: Dr. Elka Walsh’s Key Takeaways from the Connected Learning Conference

In October, Microsoft hosted the 2019 Connected Learning Conference in Quebec City. The conference brought experts in industry, technology, and education together to share ideas and best practices surrounding education transformation and the future of learning. The conference's theme this year was Unlocking Limitless Learning. Leaders from 38 K-12 districts across Canada... Read more

Two teachers work together at a laptop, with the headline "TransformEd: Class of 2030"

TransformEd Change Agents: Derek Tangredi

Derek Tangredi is the Director of Integrated STEAM Education at Fair Chance Learning. He's dedicated to engaging and empowering students while uncovering their passions through coding, maker spaces, and inquiry. Derek joined FCL with a background in education, engineering, and business. He's currently on a leave of absence from the Thames Valley District School Board in... Read more

A teacher helps a student working on a tablet, with the headline "TweetMeet | IncludEd: Accessibility, Equity, and Inclusion"

April TweetMeet on Accessibility, Equity, and Inclusion

For April's Microsoft EduChat TweetMeet, we're addressing an area that's crucial for making sure every student has a place to feel safe and supported as they learn. Join us for Included: Accessibility, Equity, and Inclusion! This TweetMeet is happening as we announce our Toronto IncludEd event on May 6th, and we encourage Ontario educators, parents, and organizations to join... Read more

Two students work on a laptop, with the headline "Assistive technology: Accessible, equitable, empowering"

Valerie Fasano: Assistive technology to address learning difficulties

As a person who struggled with learning difficulties for the better part of my life, I've come to value and celebrate all that assistive technologies can help people achieve. Accessibility features create new opportunities and allow people with unique learning and working styles to flourish in whatever task or project they undertake. That’s what I love most: technology can... Read more