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Empowering the BYOD space with OneNote

One of the most challenging debates in education revolves around the issue of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) in the contemporary classroom. BYOD is a policy which enables students to bring their own devices to school for use in their learning. While this sounds like a great opportunity for learners, the practice is not universally supported. Teachers are concerned that devices... Read more

A phys-ed teacher goes tech

Louise Bernardini, a tech trainer from the District School Board of Niagara, shared this story of a remarkable digital transformation in her region. Follow the story of Dean Taylor's journey into edtech! ••• Dean Taylor isn't just a great teacher. He's a great motivator and mentor to his students. One of the tools he uses is Microsoft OneNote's Class Notebook.  But... Read more

Office 365: An integral part of math pedagogy

This is the third year of a divisional initiative to advance student learning in Mathematics (Grades 4-9) through the integration of validated teaching and learning practices focusing on the seamless integration of mobile technology. Within this project, teachers are provided with professional development to help transform traditional classroom practices into student-centered... Read more

Making change in the learning commons

Traditionally, support teachers may work in a small office in a school or in a small classroom to support struggling students. In many schools, there are more students who need support than a single teacher can get to in a day or even a week cycle. The difficulty of finding an ideal space and a sufficient amount of time to assist students can be overwhelming. This is the story... Read more

A journey into space

Our district has been given a microgravity experiment chamber and cargo space aboard a rocket travelling to the International Space Station.  That rocket will dock with the ISS and deliver the experiment to the astronauts living in the microgravity environment.  While there, an astronaut will carry out the specific instructions of the experiment. Finally, the... Read more