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A man helps a student at a computer

Rural school district takes cloud journey, connects students to the future

The Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario had the technology to help its students grow and learn. It had the devices, too. What it couldn’t provide was adequate connections for students or teachers across its 12,000-square-kilometer jurisdiction. In 2013, the board began a journey to a more reliable, more productive hybrid-cloud environment. Now teachers have the... Read more

Adding a new dimension to history

When you think of areas of study that benefit from 21st-century technologies, what comes to mind? Math? Science? Coding? Given education's renewed focus on STEM, these disciplines are obvious choices. However, the impact of current technologies isn’t limited to STEM. In the field of history, cutting edge technologies not only help us evaluate sources, but also provide new... Read more

Sam’s coding success story

Sam is a Grade 6 student who is identified with a learning disability.  Since the beginning of the school year, he has been intrigued and inspired by my coding classes—so much so that he asked for a coding kit for Christmas.  At times, Sam finds his class work to be challenging. He becomes easily overwhelmed and sometimes shuts down.  However, during our coding classes... Read more

Empowering the BYOD space with OneNote

One of the most challenging debates in education revolves around the issue of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) in the contemporary classroom. BYOD is a policy which enables students to bring their own devices to school for use in their learning. While this sounds like a great opportunity for learners, the practice is not universally supported. Teachers are concerned that devices... Read more

A teacher’s STEM learning experience

Well, here we are again: reflecting on a trip that was inspiring, innovative, and also very emotional for me! Being an avid Twitter-follower of the remarkable work Fair Chance Learning does not only for teacher support and student learning, but also for all types of learners, I had seen the awesome learning experience they provided for Peel Students at Microsoft Canada... Read more

Making change in the learning commons

Traditionally, support teachers may work in a small office in a school or in a small classroom to support struggling students. In many schools, there are more students who need support than a single teacher can get to in a day or even a week cycle. The difficulty of finding an ideal space and a sufficient amount of time to assist students can be overwhelming. This is the story... Read more