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Three students work at a laptop, with the headline TransformEd: Class of 2030"

TransformEd Change Agents: Heather Chalmers and Raffaella Coletta

Heather Chalmers and Raffaella Coletta are two teachers from York Catholic District School Board with a passion for empowering student voice and personalized learning through edtech. Learn about the benefits they've seen from orienting their classroom toward student-directing inquiry. ••• What are some small changes you've seen that can drive big outcomes for... Read more

Three students work on laptops at a table, with the headline "TransformEd: Class of 2030"

TransformEd Change Agents: Ian Fogarty

For TransformEd, Microsoft Innovative Educator Fellow Ian Fogarty shared his thoughts on a few of our questions about the Class of 2030. Ian is a chemistry and physics teacher, the co-director of SHAD at the University of New Brunswick, and one of the co-founders of CurrentGeneration.org, an organization that collaborates with students to impact light poverty. He has fantastic... Read more

A choice, a voice, and a place to make learning come to life

When we first tell people that we're using Minecraft: Education Edition in our grade 9 Science and Geography classrooms, we often get the same reactions. Do you really let them play Minecraft in the classroom? What are they actually learning playing video games? Do you worry that students won’t speak to each other if they're playing Minecraft? It doesn’t take long to... Read more

Adding a new dimension to history

When you think of areas of study that benefit from 21st-century technologies, what comes to mind? Math? Science? Coding? Given education's renewed focus on STEM, these disciplines are obvious choices. However, the impact of current technologies isn’t limited to STEM. In the field of history, cutting edge technologies not only help us evaluate sources, but also provide new... Read more

Empowering students through computer science

Recently, we had the chance to sit down with Canadian Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert Lee Martin and talk about his experience with coding in the classroom. He's a leader in bringing computer science to his young students to unlock their creativity in some surprising ways. They took so strongly to the technology that they entered and won our nationwide Make:Change... Read more

The story of our connections: Combining Skype with personal story

Story is everything. I am mindful of how important each student’s story is when they walk into my class each day. I'm equally mindful of trying to show them that they can write the lines of their stories on any inch of the planet they share. To that end, while studying ecosystems, our classroom community opened itself up to a Skype Virtual Field Trip to Yellowstone... Read more