2016 Microsoft Showcase Schools: The best of the best in education transformation

Change is never easy, so when we see monumental education transformation in schools throughout the globe, it is worth recognizing and celebrating. Much of this hard work is taking place in Microsoft Showcase Schools, see the list of 2014-2015 Microsoft Showcase Schools. These visionary schools each have strong passion for modernizing schools and ensuring students are using technology that will prepare them for their future. In these extraordinary places of learning, school leaders have created a whole-school learning environment empowered by technology.

Showcase Schools intentionally redesign learning spaces, use technology in innovative ways, focus on 21st century learning design, and build educator and leader capacity to drive personalized learning. Just as important, students are active participants, making learning more exciting and engaging.

Today, we announce the process for the 2015-2016 Microsoft Showcase School selection, and the brand new Associate Showcase School program.

Infographic breaking down numbers of MIE Experts, Showcase Schools and Student Ambassadors.

2016 Microsoft Showcase Schools Program


Microsoft Showcase Schools are a global community of outstanding institutions which have pursued a vision of personalized and extended learning for all, enhanced by Microsoft technologies. The schools are identified by Microsoft education leaders within countries and regions who know and understand the context in which these schools operate.

In a Microsoft Showcase School, you will find many Microsoft Innovative Educators (MIEs) and at least two Microsoft in Education Expert Educators (MIE Experts).

New in 2016: Associate Showcase Schools


This year, Microsoft has created a new entry-level status called Associate Showcase Schools . These schools are working toward a whole-school approach to transformation, have demonstrated innovative teaching and learning, and are shaping plans for improvement.

Associate Showcase Schools should have at least one MIE Expert, or several MIEs working to become MIE Experts. MIE Experts who are not a part of a Showcase School can inquire about how their school can become an Associate Showcase School by contacting empower@microsoft.com.

Four students discussing their work at a Microsoft Showcase School.

2016 Showcase School Selection Process


From June 30th through October 30th of 2015, Microsoft Showcase Schools will be identified by the Microsoft in Education contacts in each country and region. Associate Showcase Schools can be identified and included in the program at any stage, throughout the year.

The program targets high performing, innovative schools across all geographic regions, levels of schooling and sectors.

Microsoft Showcase School rubric considers the degree to which the school demonstrates:

  • Leadership: Vision, strategic planning and sustainability
  • Teaching and learning: Curriculum, content and assessment, inclusion and accessibility, learning spaces (online and physical)
  • Technical capacity: Device density, use of Microsoft solutions (e.g., O365, OneNote etc.)
  • Organizational capacity: Leadership structures, partnerships and community

Once selected, the 2016 Microsoft Showcase School and Associate Showcase School leadership teams may receive:

  • Recognition and promotion via social media
  • Inclusion into an exclusive global online professional community for the entire leadership team of the school
  • Access to partner product trials and Microsoft early adoption opportunities and pilots
  • Opportunities to share their expertise with world-renowned educators and specialists to scale their innovations
  • A chance to present as part of Microsoft’s global EduCast Webinar series
  • Consulting opportunities within the Microsoft in Education ecosystem
  • Eligibility to join invitation-only special events from Microsoft
  • Opportunities to share success stories using Microsoft solutions with peers and policymakers
  • Opportunities to host tours and events from local and international visitors, Microsoft executive and field teams to view Microsoft solutions in action
  • Promotional materials – including digital signage, signatures, and other resources
  • Opportunities to support the work of their Microsoft Innovative Expert Educators and the work of Microsoft Student Ambassadors

Collectively, Microsoft Showcase and Associate Showcase Schools offer a compelling case for choosing and using Microsoft solutions to empower education. Through their inspired leadership, innovative educators and creative, confident students, Showcase Schools are leading the way in education transformation throughout the world.

Is your school a Microsoft Showcase or Associate Showcase School? Learn more about the selection process by emailing empower@microsoft.com.

Watch this video that features what a Showcase School is doing in Espoo, Finland.

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