Seeing really is believing with PowerPoint Designer and Morph

Whether you teach math, science, history or English, there’s no overlooking the impact strong visuals can have on a classroom. Captivating images, graphics and motion effects give life to the material in ways that students find more engaging, more memorable and, quite simply, more fun.

Today, two new PowerPoint tools, Designer and Morph, are making it easier than ever before for teachers and students alike to create polished slides and appealing motion effects with just a few clicks.

If you’re a PowerPoint desktop user, you’ve already got everything needed to start creating captivating presentations with Designer and Morph. For teachers and students not yet using the software, you can sign up for your free download at the Office 365 for Educators website. For PowerPoint online users, stay tuned as both features will be available in early December.

Meet PowerPoint Designer

Thanks to a powerful combination of automated design and smart-image analysis—including a library of more than 12,000 creative blueprints created by professional designers—PowerPoint Designer can identify the most compelling portion of your images and determine which blueprints would best feature them.

If the visual contains a natural scene, for instance, Designer can zoom, crop and frame it. If it finds the visual contains a chart, it will focus on the relevant information to ensure the most important data is highlighted. From there, Designer selects the most appropriate templates from its database, providing multiple layout options for you to choose from.

The result is a high-quality slide that looks professionally designed, all in just a few seconds.

A professionally designed slide in seconds

Cinematic Motion and Morph

Morph helps beautify the transitions between slides by animating them with cinematic motion. It doesn’t just animate regular text or images, it can be applied down to the word or character level, including text wrapping.

To use Morph, simply duplicate slides you want morphed together, move the objects based on how you want them to animate, then click the Morph option under Transitions. The fluid motion from one slide to the next will help your students focus their attention on the most important content.

Animating slides with cinematic motion

How to Get Started

As mentioned, Designer and Morph are currently available on PowerPoint desktop, and will be available on PowerPoint online in early December. They are just the latest additions to the robust set of tools available in Office 365, available for free to teachers and students at the Office 365 for Educators website.

Going forward, we’ll continue to add new capabilities and improved usability throughout Office 2016 for Windows, including in the personal finance templates in Excel; new sharing options across Word, PowerPoint and Excel; and online video embedding in OneNote. Until then, keep an eye out for more stories on how Microsoft Innovative Educator Ambassadors like Natalie Burgess are using Office 365 to modernize their classroom.

*Designer is currently available on PowerPoint for Windows Mobile, Android, and Mac. Morph is currently available for PowerPoint on PowerPoint for Windows Mobile, Android, iOS, and Mac (for Office Insiders).


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