Extra Credits: Connected classrooms and digital ink come to River Dell Regional School District

A teacher in River Dell Regional School District addresses student with a Windows tablet in hand.

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Extra Credits rounds up the latest stories on innovative educational endeavors coming from other parts of Microsoft and the world. This entry from the Windows blog examines how the River Dell Regional School District in Bergen County, New Jersey, adopted Windows 10, affordable Windows devices, and inking for their students.



River Dell Regional School District has equipped every student and teacher with a Windows 10 touch- and pen-enabled laptop with Microsoft Office 365 and OneNote. This combination enables teachers to work more efficiently, facilitates personalized learning opportunities for students and fosters a collaborative learning culture.

When it came time to renew their computer equipment, the district took a unique approach. “We had a teacher and student committee that researched and selected the devices with us,” explains Marianthe Williams, Director of Technology for the district. “As a 1:1 school district for over 10 years, it was essential to have teacher and student involvement in the selection process.”

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A River Dell teacher draws on a Surface tablet in the classroom.
With the Surface tablets, teachers are freed from their stationary post in front of the class.


To get started on introducing Microsoft to your school, visit the online home of Microsoft Education.

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