Announcing the Microsoft Schools Program

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At Microsoft, we’re passionate about our vision to empower everyone to achieve more. Hundreds of thousands of schools and school systems are striving to help educators expand their passion for teaching, by using technology that can transform their classrooms and empower students.

To achieve scale and student success, whole school transformation requires careful attention from the staffroom through to the classroom. Building the capacity of education leaders is fundamental to whole school improvement.

Microsoft has a long, unique history in supporting innovative schools worldwide, with Microsoft Showcase Schools leading the way. Today, we’re delighted to invite schools to join the Microsoft Schools program, which is ready to support more students and teachers along their journey.

Join the Microsoft Schools program

Microsoft Schools are focused on leading and learning. These schools are perhaps just starting to explore Microsoft solutions, programs or devices in small ways, but have signaled an intent to do more and become more.

If you are in a school starting to consider how to transform your education methods and integrate technology, we invite you to join the Microsoft Schools program. You can register anytime.

By registering and joining the Microsoft Schools program, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Access for school leaders to enroll via our social channel, Yammer, into a global community of practice and reach over 1,000 other school leaders
  • Quick start guide filled with assets and resources to support school leaders
  • Monthly e-newsletter with the best of Microsoft Teaching and Leading resources
  • Early updates (via our newsletter and social communities) on new products, offers and opportunities
  • Curated resources for leaders and leading educators available from the Microsoft Educator Community
  • Global recognition by being placed on our Microsoft And Showcase School list (updated monthly)
  • Opportunity to participate in our quarterly global connect calls


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Microsoft Schools are focused on leading and learning. Schools which are working to consider how to transform education and integrate technology into their classrooms, building and lessons would benefit from joining the Microsoft Schools program.


Microsoft Showcase Schools badgeMicrosoft Showcase Schools  are elite schools who have thoughtfully considered the role of technology as they explore new ways to redesign learning spaces, restructure curriculum, reinvent pedagogy, and reimagine what 21st century leading and learning looks like across diverse contexts. One of the key resources available to schools and school leaders is Microsoft’s Education Transformation Framework, which provides a step-by-step guide on how to prepare for change across leadership and policy all the way to 21st century pedagogy. View this year’s class of Microsoft Showcase Schools.

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From educators: What it means to be a Microsoft School

“Being a Microsoft School means sharing the path with hundreds of schools around the world in innovative teaching practices.” – Laurentino Puente Polledo, Colegio EspírituSanto, Spain.

“Being a Microsoft School means we are part of a really big international network of teachers with the same purpose, and facing the same difficulties. This means we solve problems at a faster rate, and so we can radiate the answers to all schools in the neighborhood (which can be as large as the country) in our own language.” – Nicolas Waeffler, Lycée Maurice Ravel, France

“Being a Microsoft school means a journey of transition from being successful to be the best in the field , driven by change in school culture that elicit unprecedented engagement and skills in your students. In simple words, ‘a journey of going beyond the conventional form to provide extraordinary learning atmosphere to students and staff’.” – Kho Guik Lan, Chung HWA Middle School, BSB, Brunei Darussalam.

“Although we are very proud to call ourselves a Microsoft School, this really marks the start, not the end, of our journey towards developing our use of technologies to further enhance the teaching and learning within our classrooms, for all our pupils.” – Andrew Evans, Corby Primary Academy, Northamptonshire, England

About Microsoft Education programs

The Microsoft Educator Community provides training and professional development, curriculum ideas and resources, a community of other educators to learn with and from, and most importantly the chance to be recognized as the global leaders and visionaries in education that they are.

We also invite school leaders and educators to become more involved by joining our various education programs.

Microsoft works closely with educators and schools in our various education programs.

The Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) programs recognize global educator visionaries who are using technology to pave the way for their peers for better learning and student outcomes. These are a variety of programs to help both educators who are just beginning this journey, as well as programs for educators who are leaders in innovative education. Learn more about our educator programs:

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