TweetMeet on 21st-Century Learning: Join #MSFTEduChat on Feb. 21

TweetMeet Save the Date for February 21

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Don your capes, fasten your seat belts and get your keyboards ready: It’s time for another #MSFTEduChat! In our Feb. 21st TweetMeet, we’ll tackle 21st-Century Learning with the help of five amazing hosts. We’ll be lucky enough to be joined by Mette Hauch, Pip Cleaves, Jason Holt, Martha Jez, and Melanie LeJeune. They’ll be sharing how the fast pace of technology has changed the landscape and learning opportunities in their classrooms.

TweetMeet Art for February

Follow our TweetMeet with #MSFTEduChat on Feb. 21st at 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. PST to learn, share, collaborate, and tweet up a storm. We’ll be discussing key 21st-Century Learning objectives such as self-regulation, real-world problem solving, skilled communication and collaboration, and much more!

Educators have given us great feedback to refine our TweetMeets, which is why we’re providing the questions in advance. You can prepare your answers ahead of time, watch for questions you’d like answered, or send the list to a colleague – either way, we hope to see you there!

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TweetMeet Questions:

  1. What would you identify as a core 21st-Century Learning skill? #21CL
  2. How does #21CL motivate your students?
  3. What does a #21CL environment look like in your classroom?
  4. How do you initiate #21CL Self-Regulation in students?
  5. Who do you partner with locally for #21CL Real-World Problem-Solving?
  6. Which #21CL skill will you focus on next?
  7. What #21CL tips, tools and resources can you offer to colleagues?

What you can do

  • If you are still new to 21st-Century Learning, check out the multi-part 21st-Century Learning Design course on the Microsoft Education Community, which includes a course notebook in OneNote format.

Three students collaborate on a Windows device.

  • Prepare relevant content in advance to share with fellow educators during the event. Write a blog post, record a video or create a Sway about how you have implemented 21st-Century Learning in your classroom and how that affects your students’ learning.  We’ll pick the best resources and share these in the curated resource collection that we’ll be sharing out on our social media channels after the events.
  • Show us how you’re optimizing educational technology to prepare your students for the modern world by engaging during one or both of our #MSFTEduChat sessions.

Be sure to follow @MicrosoftEDU for the latest and greatest on everything in Microsoft Education as well as our chat hosts to watch the TweetMeet take off!

A collage of educators participating in February's TweetMeet

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