How MIE Expert Vicent Gadea prepares students for tomorrow’s challenges

MIE Expert Vicent Gadea

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For someone who has been teaching for just seven years, Vicent Gadea’s passionate contributions to education speak to a long, passionate history and the beginnings of a new world for learning.

Based in Valencia, Spain, this educator and MIE Expert is also a Microsoft Teacher Ambassador, a Skype Master Teacher, and a Microsoft Master trainer. He has built his classrooms around the needs of tomorrow – always thinking ahead and incorporating the technology that his ‘digital native’ students will need to succeed.

“The teachers of the 21st century must possess the skills that their students will need in the future,” Vicent says. “We will see more changes in education over the next five years than during the previous 100 years, so we must be prepared.”

MIE Expert Vicent Gadea

Part of his mission is to remind teachers everywhere that incorporating technology into the classroom doesn’t just make for a better learning experience for students, but also makes the teaching process much easier for themselves.

“I am convinced that using certain tools, such as OneNote or Sway, can facilitate a teacher’s life, making things much easier, saving time and working beyond the classroom, as well as offering more opportunities for student feedback.”

Vicent also considers OneNote and Sway essential tools for students and teachers working collaboratively. With these personal tools in hand, it’s easy to interact with people in real-world situations, while gaining familiarity with the technology they’ll be using in their future roles.

Sharing and collaborating are all part of being a teacher, Vicent says, whether it happens between students or between other educators.

“Not only should our students share, but teachers should also. As an MIE Ambassador and MIE Expert, I’m excited to share my experiences with other teachers and schools,” Vicent says. “If you have an idea or an experience and you don’t share it, it loses its value.”

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