How teachers can check student work for plagiarism in Word with Copyleaks

Two students sit side by side, working on their writing assignments.

Suspecting a student of plagiarism is never an ideal situation, no matter if you’re the teacher or the student. According to, one in three high school students stated they plagiarized an assignment using the internet. In another survey of 24,000 high school students, 58 percent admitted to plagiarizing, and 95 percent admitted to cheating in some form, including on tests or copying homework.

Simultaneously, one of the biggest priorities as a teacher remains saving time, while still giving 100 percent attention to the grading and reviewing process. The Copyleaks plagiarism add-in for Microsoft Word is an easy and accurate way for teachers to detect cases of academic dishonesty. A simple scan can find direct plagiarism, paraphrased passages and more, in any language. Student work is compared against 60 trillion pages on the internet and a user-submitted database that contains work many previous students have scanned.

A screenshot of the Copyleaks interface being used to spot plagiarism.

To activate Copyleaks as a readily available tool in Microsoft Word, download the Copyleaks Microsoft 365 Add-In from the Office store. Open the app to see the sidebar and log in with your credentials. For more help in getting it set up in Office 365, visit this guide.

Once active, the add-in allows you to choose how to scan your documents: You can either scan the whole document, or only specific passages you think may have been lifted.

The app is easy to use and returns results as quickly as within a few seconds. The report will indicate the similarity percentage and word count, which is ideal if you have given students a maximum percentage for similar content.

A screenshot of the Copyleaks interface being used to spot plagiarism.

This quick demo shows the Copyleaks App in action. If you create your account today you’ll get 10 credits for free. And remember, you can download the add-in directly from the Microsoft Office Store.

This guest post was contributed by Brooke Weinbaum, Head of Marketing at Copyleaks, a content authentication platform that tracks textual content and detects plagiarism using advanced cloud-based technology.

The Copyleaks add-in for Microsoft Word is just one of many tools to help students turn in well-constructed and properly researched work. The Microsoft in Education blog has more stories on how to reimagine the writing process and how online research can be done quickly and confidently.


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