7 New ways to use Microsoft MakeCode for Minecraft: Education Edition

A student prepares to play Minecraft: Education Edition on their Windows device.

The Microsoft MakeCode platform uses a hands-on approach to computing education, bringing computer science to life for all students with fun projects, immediate results, and both block and text editors suitable for learners at various levels. Microsoft MakeCode supports physical computing devices like the micro:bit and Circuit Playground, letting students create robots, digital air guitars and magic wands.

Today the Microsoft MakeCode team is happy to announce their beta release for Minecraft: Education Edition. With the latest update, Minecraft has added a Code Connection companion app which allows teachers and students to use Microsoft MakeCode to program mini-games and mods in Minecraft.

Minecraft: Education Edition is a version of Minecraft that was created specifically for teachers and students as an immersive learning platform. Minecraft: Education Edition is available for purchase by schools, libraries, and museums – you can find out if you’re eligible to purchase today.

Using either the visual block-based editor, or the JavaScript editor, students can build programs that will spawn animals, construct buildings, alter game settings, or interact with their personal agents.  Here are some of the cool new features of Microsoft MakeCode for Minecraft: Education Edition:

1. Chat Commands

Students can group their code into Chat Commands, which they can call directly from the game.

2. Blocks to Text Programming Progression

Once students have mastered drag-and-drop, block-based program construction, they can move into a full-featured JavaScript editor with code snippets, tooltips, and error detection to help them.  Students can also switch back and forth between blocks and JavaScript as they make this transition.

3. Easy Build tools

One of the things students and teachers enjoy most in Minecraft is building.  Microsoft MakeCode gives you tools to automate building, which makes it easy to create a pyramid, a house, or a roller coaster.

4. Minecraft Block Manipulation

Want to create a tunnel of diamonds, or print your name in the sky?  No problem!  With a few blocks and lines of code, it’s all possible.

5. Helpful troubleshooting tools

The real-time game command window shows you exactly what game commands are being issued by your code. “Slo-Mo” lets you slow your program execution down and highlight which parts of your program are running.

6. Sharing

Did you create the most epic mod ever?  Share with your friends via an anonymous URL that they can import and then run from Microsoft MakeCode.

7. Tutorials and Examples

Get started with tutorials that provide step-by-step guidance to students new to programming, while sample code helps students come up with ideas for their programs.

For more information about the Minecraft Learn-to-Code experience, visit the Minecraft: Education Edition site. And above all, have fun Making Code for Minecraft!


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