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Ross McGill, a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, started blogging about his experiences as a teacher back in 2008. Fast-forward to today and you’ll see his blog, Teacher Toolkit, has been voted the #1 education blog in the U.K. and ranks as one of the world’s top-50 Ed Tech Brands in Education. He and his writers use the platform to inform and train people around the world, helping them improve the school system today and place technology at the forefront of learning.

A full-time teacher to this day, Ross began his teaching career in London 20 years ago. He’s since watched the world change at a more rapid rate than many schools have been able to keep up with. Through his blog and his teaching experience, Ross aims is to go beyond his role as a Deputy Head Teacher in North London and encourage change on a bigger scale.

“I love working with staff and I love working with kids, but now I’m in a place where I think I want to challenge government policy more, Ross says. “I’d like to get around the country and share my ideas with teachers and to train teachers.”

MIE Expert Ross McGill: "Learning is very different outside of school because we have so much access to different things."

As the internet and technology play a bigger part in our lives, Ross speaks at conferences across the U.K. on the importance of incorporating more of both into the classroom. Here he calls on his current knowledge of today’s teaching environments, as well as his exposure to a more progressive network of teachers through his blog.

“Learning is very different outside of school because we have so much access to different things,” Ross says. “Kids might be learning about William Shakespeare through a textbook, but the second they get home, they can download any number of applications and in the click of a button they’re in a virtual reality environment, where William Shakespeare performed at the globe theater, and already they’re collaborating with students around the world, discussing Macbeth.”

With a five-year-old son that is already teaching himself to code and digitally native students filling his classrooms, Ross is working toward an education system far removed from the Victorian model of teaching, to classrooms that are built for now and the future.

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