Announcing new partner apps for Education

Announcing new partner apps for Education.

Microsoft is proud to be a yearlong mission sponsor of the annual ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) Conference and Expo. If you are attending ISTE this year, you may have already been able to visit our booths, exciting talks and Experience Room, all driving our vision of helping empower the students of today to create the world of tomorrow.

We appreciate that student needs and teaching styles have a huge variance, and we would like you to join us in exploring how our partners can help you and your students reach full potential, starting at our Booth #1140. Here you will be able to experience just some of the great apps and solutions from our Education partners (who also joined us live on Facebook to discuss their work).

Outside of ISTE, you can bring these vibrant learning opportunities to your class by heading to the Microsoft Store for Education and trying them. Below you will find some brief information on two key themes – Modern Classroom and Sparking Creativity.

Modern Classroom


  1. Personalize student learning by using platforms that come naturally to them.
  2. Increase student engagement via gamification and create a collaborative classroom.
  3. Quickly facilitate activities, assign them to your students, and manage classroom content in an intuitive way.
  4. Utilize analytics features to turn setbacks into stepping stones and track progress in the one-stop shop apps.
  5. Engage family with Learning Management System (LMS) access to keep students, parents, and teachers connected.


Suggested Apps: Classcraft, TinyBop, Kahoot!, WeVideo, BrainPop, Sensavis, GeoGebra Powerschool, Edsby, Edmodo, Pearson SoC, VidMaker, ActionTec Classroom Commander, Angry Bird Learn English, AssistX, BrainPOP Featured Movie, Classcraft, CMX K-12 OER Resources, Explain Everything, Flat, FlipGrid, KNFB Reader, Kortext, Languagenut, LifeLiqe, mBlock, NetSupport School Tutor, Movie Edit Pro, Pearson System of Courses, Stagelight, Student Dashboard, Teacher Dashboard, VidMaker.


Sparking Creativity


  1. Take your students on a journey of inquiry to develop skills in critical, computational and design thinking through project-based learning.
  2. Expose students to interactive STEM curriculum in a more inclusive and less daunting way.
  3. Foster innovation and inspiration to solve problems at a scale that extends beyond the four walls of the classroom.


Suggested Apps: OhBot, Virtual Robotics Toolkit, SwopBots, Arduino IDE, Codecademy, eMathMaster, Fluid Math, Tinybop, Slice Fractions, Swopbots.


For a full list of our partners, get the guide to top Education apps (PDF link).


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