Students grow into creators and coders at Microsoft Store Summer Camps

When students share their fanciful visions of the future, they look up and beyond where we are today – perhaps into a sky blotted by flying cars and friendly robots. As part of a new YouthSpark Summer Camp program, Microsoft Store locations are welcoming those imaginative students and offering them a more tangible piece of the future, with hands-on learning opportunities and practical paths to becoming the next great creators and coders.

In our ongoing mission to empower the students of today for the world of tomorrow, we’re excited to offer four new and free camps at our retail locations, alongside some of our most popular coding camps. Students will learn to create art in 3D, build human-emulating robotic hands from practical and affordable materials (like straws – see the Hacking STEM lesson plan here) and how to develop business plans.

The classes, running through the end of August, will offer direct access to exciting technology and highlight the growing need for students to be familiar and comfortable with computing. After all, it’s estimated that there will be more than 4.4 million computer and information technology jobs in the U.S. by 20241.

More than 77 percent of today’s generation of students agree on the importance of developing new skills throughout life2. If you want to start today, register to attend an upcoming Summer Camp at a Microsoft Store near you or join us each Saturday for STEM workshops for children, parents and educators.

1. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Employment Projections

2. Global Web Index: Understanding GenZ Seminar


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