How an assessment tool can help you teach 21st century skills

An educator taking notes with a tablet in hand.

It takes a lot of courage to shift from traditional teacher-led training to flipped classrooms with deep, personalized learning paths. When adding the challenge of teaching 21st century skills to your pure subject knowledge, you need time and effort initially to re-configure your safe and familiar lesson plans. However, those who have tried it say there’s no going back.

The new and more student-centered ways of working come with some requirements. Personalizing learning requires you to know your students. For the students, the new ways of working add a certain degree of freedom, which requires them to take more responsibility for their own learning. Additionally, teaching 21st century skills requires a way to follow up on how your students are progressing with these softer and hard-to-measure skills. Luckily, there are tools and turnkey solutions available to help.

If you are looking for support with teaching 21st century skills, 21st Century Learning Design (21 CLD) – a research framework that Microsoft helped develop – is a great place to start. It has also been the inspiration for Innofactor’s Skilli, a continuous assessment tool in the cloud, developed to help teachers and students with their new responsibilities and ways of working.

A diagram illustrating the process of continuous assessment.

With Skilli, you get ready-made steps for teaching 21st century skills. Based on work by top experts, Skilli extends the 21 CLD framework to 16 skills defined in levels, with deepening requirements from one level to the next. With frequent self-assessments, students reflect on their learning, which is a cornerstone for them to become motivated and responsible, self-directed learners. Student self-assessments also generate information to help personalize learning. With Skilli’s easily readable reports, you can see, for example, how much your students are learning, what their mood is, how difficult the topic is for them and which learning method fits which student best.

Screenshots of the assessment interface and tools of Skilli.

Skilli integrates closely with Microsoft Office 365. This means you and your students can use your existing Office 365 accounts to access Skilli, without the need to remember new passwords. Once installed, Skilli can easily be accessed through the Office 365 application menu. Skilli comes with an automated way of creating Microsoft SharePoint workspaces, where you and your students can share material and collaborate. Microsoft Teams integration is on its way.

Skilli is currently available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish and Finnish. To try Skilli in your school, please contact For further information, please visit

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