What’s New in EDU: Back to School playlist gets your digital classroom ready


Our August edition of What’s New in EDU is ready and here to round up the latest events and product news from Microsoft Education. The video below focuses on last week’s debut of Back to School LIVE, which you can also reference in full below.

In our first-ever Back to School LIVE event, the team at Microsoft Education shared a stage with the Microsoft Educator Community to come up with faster, easier ways to prepare your digital classroom. We demonstrated practical techniques and easy examples in a concise series of Facebook Live streams, and answered questions from you about how to trade setup time for more student time.

It was a brisk day of school for everyone who participated – and now it’s a video playlist, in case you missed it.

The “Live” part may have come and gone, but our team is still here in video form to help you get back-to-school ready with some of our newest tools for the classroom. With setup stress minimized and education tools like Microsoft Teams, OneNote Class Notebook and Minecraft: Education Edition in-hand, you can collaborate seamlessly on projects, learn to code, and let creativity loose from the very first day of school.

You can also visit our Microsoft Educator Community resource page to catch up and connect on more back-to-school tips.


1st Period: Microsoft Teams for staff and the Microsoft Educator Community


Learn about professional and staff development using Microsoft Teams and back-to-school preparation courses from the Microsoft Educator Community.

Hosts: Michelle Zimmerman, Raanah Amjadi, and Sonja Delafosse


2nd Period: Microsoft Teams with students and OneNote Class Notebooks


See set-up tips for your digital classroom with OneNote Class Notebook in Microsoft Teams.

Hosts: Cheryl McClure, Mike Tholfsen, and Ari Schorr


3rd Period: Hacking STEM


Build affordable inquiry and project-based activities with Hacking STEM.

Hosts: Karon Weber and Jason Ewart


4th Period: Minecraft: Education Edition


Watch as experts discuss using Minecraft: Education Edition in the classroom and how to get started in your own classroom in a few simple steps.

Hosts: Meenoo Rami and Jeff Gearhart


5th Period: Intune for Education


If you work in IT, here’s how to set up your Windows 10 devices and classes with Intune for Education.

Hosts: Ari Schorr, Jack Hitchings, and Likhitha Patha


6th Period: The future of EdTECH


Take a peek at the future of EdTECH and discover what we can learn from a new elementary school taking shape.

Hosts: Anthony Salcito and Beth Hamilton

For more Back to School support and Professional Development resources, visit: aka.ms/BacktoSchoolLive.

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