Making inclusive and accessible classrooms for students: Learn from the #MSFTEduChat TweetMeet on Oct. 17th

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With more educators and students relying on technology to support them in their everyday lives, careers and aspirations, we have a great opportunity to build tools and techniques that work for every person. After all, unlike outdated buildings that require renovation to introduce ramps or elevators, modern teaching doesn’t predate current understanding of accessibility and inclusivity. Educators have the power to be proactive in building content for every student and parent, even if they haven’t had a request to do so yet.

In supporting National Dyslexia Awareness Month this October, we’re bringing in the experts to help you make your classroom and school more accessible and inclusive – we’re starting with students who have dyslexia, but our goal is to open up the classroom for all students. Our #MSFTEduChat TweetMeet is on Tuesday October 17 at 10:00 a.m. PDT (wait … what’s a TweetMeet?).

Whether you’re an accessibility expert or just learning about the potential of EdTech in making your classroom more inclusive and supportive of all learners, our community of global educators and MIE Experts are here to share their tips, resources and experiences with you, live on Twitter.

Save the date for our next TweetMeet on October 17.


Why join the #MSFTEduChat TweetMeet?


Our hosts are dedicated to improving accessibility and inclusiveness in the classroom, so it’s best to let them explain the value of participating in the TweetMeet. You can see their passionate video responses on this Flipgrid, or add your own:



When can I join?


Join us Tuesday October 17th at 10am PT on Twitter, using the hashtags #MSFTEduChat and #MicrosoftEDU (which you can always use to stay in touch with us).


How can I best prepare?


To prepare for the #MSFTEduChat TweetMeet, have a look at the questions we have prepared this time. If you’re new to the subject, you may want to take the Accessibility in the Classroom course on the Microsoft Education Community.

We also highly recommend that you set up a Twitter dashboard – through TweetDeck, for example – to monitor incoming tweets containing the #MSFTEduChat hashtag and other relevant search queries. Watch this TweetDeck Basics tutorial for advice on setting up.




An animated gif showing all of the TweetMeet questions.

  1. What does accessibility look like in your classroom?
  2. Which accessibility tools are must-haves on a teacher’s checklist and why?
  3. How are you customizing your lessons for individual reading challenges?
  4. How do you differentiate assessment for students with dyslexia?
  5. What is your favorite classroom hack for accessibility?
  6. Who or what inspires you to invest your energy in inclusive learning?




A gallery showing the hosts for the Oct. 17 TweetMeet on Accessibility and Inclusive Learning

We have an impressive team of topic experts lined up, so be sure to follow each of them. If you like, you can also subscribe to their Twitter list and add it to TweetDeck.

Our hosts are:


We’ll also be joined by a couple of hosts from Microsoft Education:


What are #MSFTEduChat TweetMeets?


Every month Microsoft Education organizes social events on Twitter targeted at educators globally. The hashtag we use is #MSFTEduChat. A team of topic specialists and international MIE Expert teachers prepare and host these TweetMeets together. Our team of educator hosts first crafts several questions around a certain topic. Then, before the event, they share these questions on social media. Combined with a range of resources, a blog post and background information about the events, this allows all participants to prepare themselves to the full. Afterwards we make an archive available of the most notable tweets and resources shared during the event. Learn more about TweetMeets and earn a badge in the TweetMeet course on the Microsoft Education Community.

The #MSFTduChat event time is 10:00am PT. If this time isn’t convenient for you, please follow your local channel or even consider hosting your own #MSFTEduChat in your country and language. Please connect with TweetMeet organizer Marjolein Hoekstra @OneNoteC on Twitter for more info on hosting in your language and time that works best for the educators and MIE Experts in your country.

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