“My life has been that of a seeker. All my life is learning — both formally and informally.” – Floyd Chanda, Zambia

A willingness to try new things can be just as important for educators as it is for their students. Just ask Floyd Chanda..

“The biggest challenge for education today is to keep up with the pace of the changing technologies — especially in the Third World,” Chanda shares with us. “I am responding to this by encouraging my fellow educators to remain open to learning and change in the 21st century.”

Chanda loves to share the skills and knowledge he’s acquired as a Microsoft Innovator Educator Expert (MIEE) with his fellow teachers. “Whenever I am available, and when called upon, I share and learn from other people through collaboration and trainings,” he says.

And Chanda is equally as enthusiastic in helping his students try new things. “One of my favorite classroom activities is when am teaching computer studies for the Junior Secondary,” he says. “I enjoy each and every moment, seeing the young ones learn and discover more in their use of basic Microsoft packages like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher.”

But one project stands out to Chanda: when he and his students created an Ebola Awareness campaign with the theme, “If you are not infected; then you are affected.”

“This project and the research involved helped my students – and me – to see the power of knowledge, critical thinking, research and collaboration for the sake of the common good,” Chanda shares. “It also showed us that to make the difference – and leave the world a better place — only takes a few committed people with passion for humanity. The community supported us all the way to the national radio station ZNBC, where we shared the knowledge we had acquired through teamwork and research. The major lesson I got was that, as educators, we have the power within us and through our learners and collaborators to make the difference we envision in our world today.”

You can connect with Floyd Chanda on his Microsoft Educator Community profile.


About Floyd Chanda

  • Educational background: My highest qualification thus far is a degree which I received in 2011.
  • Favorite Microsoft product, tool, technology: Microsoft OneNote
  • What is the best advice you have ever received? Value and respect people regardless of their status.
  • Favorite childhood memory: Listening to stories from my Grandmother.
  • Favorite book: Gifted Hands

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