Best of 2017: The educators who pioneered the new shape of STEM and computer science

Jason Ewert hunches over a Hacking STEM project with students.

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In 2017, we met educators who are taking a 21st century plunge into new ways of teaching, creating and coding – and in case you missed it all, we’d like you to meet these stars too. Whether its forging a new path from traditional teaching to a paperless classroom, or hacking STEM in everyday classrooms, these educators took a bold step forward in preparing their students for the world of tomorrow. Take a look at the playlist below and peek into the classrooms of people like Doug Bergman, Summer Winrotte, Jason Ewert, James Burke, Jeff Gearhart and Tammy Dunbar:

1. How teachers are hacking STEM in everyday classrooms


2. For the good of her students, this traditionalist teachers meets the digital age head-on


3. A spirited teacher reshapes the computer science classroom for 21st century makers


4. A latecomer to teaching, she’s now leading the charge in Hack the Classroom


5. A small school’s shy students take a big step into immersive worlds with Minecraft: Education Edition



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