How one school has modernized its education system to make innovation teachable

Nestled in the heart of the largest startup ecosystem in Latin America is Escola Bosque, a small school in Sao Paolo, Brazil, that’s revolutionizing the way its students are learning.

To keep up with the ever-changing landscape of the workforce, Escola Bosque has prioritized technology and made it a fundamental part of its curriculum. Kids here, some as young as seven years old, are already learning about technology, and are introduced to robotics by the time they’re 11. The school believe the best way to learn about technology is to use it while learning.

That’s why the students at Escola Bosque have access to all of Microsoft’s tools and programs, including Microsoft Smartboards, Windows 10 devices and Office 365 Education. With Microsoft Learning Tools, difficult concepts and lessons are broken down visually, making them easy for students to read, understand and absorb. Not only does this help make students’ lives easier, it helps IT experts and teachers pursue their plans effectively.

The accomplishments of Escola Bosque are emblematic of a bigger story of transformation, with passionate educators worldwide leading their students to better outcomes. A recent study confirmed Learning Tools can have significant benefits for reading comprehension across a diverse range of students, while Futuresource reports that Microsoft devices priced under $300 have seen a 10 percent increase in K-12 sales in the United States, over the previous year.

In pairing their devices with Intune for Education, the staff of Escola Bosque is also able to simplify basic tasks and make it more efficient to manage school computers and keep software secure. This frees up their time and allows them to focus their efforts on innovation and finding solutions for higher-level problems, such as improving processes, training staff, and preparing better work for their students.

Educators at Escola Bosque know that only by constantly growing and innovating can they inspire and teach students to do the same. After all, they are tasked with an important responsibility: to foster the next generation of Sao Paulo citizens and help them blossom. However, the school doesn’t want their students to be successful only in Brazil. They’re looking to develop and teach their students to have skills that are applicable and in demand all over the world.

To do that, the teachers realize the future for their students is about interconnectedness – and that means having classrooms without boundaries and lessons that reach around the world.

“We try to help our students become protagonists, to solve problems, to make decisions, and to have opportunities to interact with people from other countries, like with Skype in the Classroom,” says school director Silvia Scuracchio. “We are really preparing these students to think outside the box, to be prepared for the employees that they will have or become later in life.”

Though student work is always evolving, with lesson plans shifting and requiring adjustment, the ability to analyze and solve problems will always be a fundamental skill. The earlier years of education for developing the social-emotional competencies and mental fortitude to get to the core of a problem and find solutions for it.

“At Escola Bosque, we believe that learning experiences lead to student transformation—giving them the opportunity to think critically, to solve problems, to work in teams, to be confident and to become world citizens,” Silvia says.

With the world changing as much as it does daily, educators must keep pace. With a little help from Microsoft’s educational technology, they’re able to better prepare today’s students for the world of tomorrow.

To learn more about Escola Bosque’s approach to technology and education, including their use of Skype in the Classroom and Intune for Education, visit our recently published case study.

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