Teaching With Ink Strategies

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The “power of the pen” is already well established as an effective technique to improve student comprehension and deepening their knowledge and conceptual understanding. In this blog post I want to share some resources from the MSAU Education Team:

  1. A free downloadable OneNote NoteBook full of tips and tricks for effective teaching with Digital Ink.
  2. A series of videos (below) from Travis Smith showing how these techniques can be used.

I hope you find these useful and if you’ve got other suggestions then drop them in the comments section below.



Note Taking:

Visible Learning:



Visual Thinking:

For more information on how Eltham High in Victoria, Australia, are rethinking teaching and learning with technology to equip students with 21st Century skills,have a look at this LinkedIn post from New Zealand’s Microsoft Education Lead, Evan Blackman.


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