Chalkup co-founder is joining Microsoft Education and bringing the best of Chalkup to Microsoft Teams

As part of our continued investment to help save teachers time, build collaborative classrooms and drive better learning outcomes for students, we are excited to announce that Chalkup’s co-founder, Justin Chando, is joining Microsoft Education!

In 2013, Justin set out to build a more compelling digital classroom experience for all students. Since then, Chalkup has delivered numerous innovations proven to increase student engagement and save teachers time. Together with Justin, we’re excited to bring the best of Chalkup to Microsoft Teams.

“In spending time with the amazing people at Microsoft, it was clear that we were completely aligned in our mission for connecting classrooms, sparking student collaboration, and finding new and innovative ways to work together. We knew Microsoft would be a great fit and we’re thrilled for what the future holds for our customers,” said Chando.

We know customers love Chalkup, and we do too. In the coming months, we’ll work hand in hand with educators and students to bring more of the favorite elements of Chalkup into the Microsoft Teams experience – adding features such as Chalkup’s innovative rubrics system to make it easier to assess and grade student assignments and projects.

Chalkup customers will feel at home on Microsoft Teams as it shares many of the same principles for collaborative learning as Chalkup. Like Chalkup, Microsoft Teams includes seamless class discussions, chat, and integrated assignments and grading functionality. Also included is Microsoft Learning Tools, which are free tools that implement proven techniques to improve reading and writing for students regardless of their age or ability.

Chalkup customers will have continued support through the end of June and an easy transition path to Microsoft Teams. Chalkup customers that already have Office 365 Education can login here. Others looking for more information or to sign up for Office 365, which is free to all schools worldwide, can go here.

You can learn more about today’s news on Chalkup’s site!



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