Celebrate Earth Day 2018 with Skype in the Classroom

Earth Day, April 22nd, marks the anniversary of an environmental movement that was first observed in 1970. It has grown into an annual global event, which is now believed to have more than 1 billion people taking part in speaking out for our planet.

Skype in the Classroom celebrates Earth Day throughout the month of April with virtual field trips to beautiful parks around the world, through lessons on climate change and animals of all types, along with Skype sessions with ocean experts and classes on all of these topics (and more).

Educators are invited to join us in this celebratory month by exploring the many Earth Day themed activities and registering to participate. Skype activities are a great way to bring experts from around the world into your classroom and engage students on topics like conservation, climate change and ecology in a fun way. Students can also collaborate with other classrooms on a Skype project.


How you can get involved with your classroom:


  1. Make a promise to take care of the Earth as a class.
  2. Share your promise on Twitter with @SkypeClassroom and #Skype2Learn.
  3. Connect with a class or take a virtual field trip to share your promise and challenge them to share theirs!


Take a glimpse at some of the available Virtual Field Trips.

Additionally, in honor of this celebration, the Skype in the Classroom team is launching an amazing OneNote notebook today with Earth Day resources and ideas on how to incorporate Skype in your classroom. You can download it for free today.

And finally, don’t forget to download our Earth Day certificates and give your students a real sense of achievement.


What teachers are saying


“Skype in the Classroom Virtual Field Trips offer a unique opportunity to develop environmental literacy, giving my students the opportunity to understand society’s impact on the natural world.”

– Maria de los Angeles Suarez, Argentina (@MariaAngelesSua)

“Through these free Virtual Field Trips, all my pupils have been able to visit places that even regular field trips would have been out of reach of, seen things that they never thought they would, and been able to get the answers from experts to help them improve their work. Through a one hour lesson, my pupils have benefited greatly and it hasn’t cost them or the school a penny!”

– Paul Watkins, Wales, UK (@Lanny_Watkins)

“Earth Day is a great time for kids to explore and interact with others on how we affect the Earth! We enjoy connecting with other classrooms over Skype to share our weather, climate, biomes, or even what is in our backyard!”

– Andrea Friend, Andover Kansas, USA (@andreafriendams)


If you’re a parent


Why not ask your school to get involved with Skype in the Classroom, so your kids can experience the world live from their classrooms? Learn more here.

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