The Innovation Project brings together 460 schools across 85 countries to solve global issues

If you joined our #MSFTEduChat recently (get caught up here), in which we discussed the global movement to #TeachSDGs (the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals), you may be looking for more ways to inspire your students and put them on a path to make the world better. A new global project by Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert Koen Timmers invites you and your school to take action.

A few words from Koen on his new global Innovation Project and why you should join the movement and get your students involved today:

By making global connections, you may make your students’ learning process deeper and authentic. The Innovation Project was launched on April 16, involving 460 schools across 85 countries. In the span of four weeks, students will explore, brainstorm, discuss, connect, present, create and share findings via videos and Skype calls. Students will focus on the UN Sustainable Development Goals and will discover how innovation can solve some local or global issues.

Teachers are offered a platform to exchange best practices and applications. During the project, students will create tutorials about their favorite tools. By the end of the project, we will share a huge library of applications which may also change teaching in your classroom.

Experts like journalists, software developers, scientists and politicians will share their expertise during Skype masterclasses. This project is supported by Charlize Theron, Dr. Jane Goodall, Microsoft Education VP Anthony Salcito, leaders from Greenpeace and other public figures.

Want to be part of a life-changing moment? Check and check the students’ work, the project’s scope and participant impressions. You can also stay tuned by following our hashtag #SDGinnoPro on social media.

How better to learn about global issues than bringing the world into your classroom?