Thank you, teachers

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In honor of Teacher Appreciation Day, in honor of heroes that are transforming education as we know it (that’s you!) and in honor of the conductors who quiet the noise and awaken minds to endless curiosity and creativity, we wanted to share this letter with you:

Thank you for finding a way to reach every kind of student.

Thank you for the long, long hours you dedicate to them.

Thank you for helping students discover passion for things they never even knew they liked.

You create opportunity not just for a few, but for all.

You do so much with so little.

Some have trouble reading. Some get anxious when have to stand and speak. Some face challenges that cannot be seen.

All of us are who we are today because of you.

You have made a difference in the world. And you are the reason we come to work.

It’s a privilege to support you by making technology we hope makes it easier for you to work your magic.

With deep appreciation,

Your friends at Microsoft Education

We believe technology has the ability to empower all students – to create opportunity not just for a few, but for all, because in a digital classroom, even the quietest students have a voice. We’re honored to partner with you in your heroic role to shape the future.


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