Announcing the new 2018-2019 Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts

At Microsoft, we are inspired every day by the impact dedicated educators and thoughtful leaders are making on innovative teaching, ultimately improving student outcomes. At the core of everything we do is the drive to inspire educators and, in turn, to help every student achieve more. We also recognize that technology alone cannot develop the 21st century skills students need. Innovative teachers are constantly looking to connect with other inspiring educators across the globe, get access to curriculum and online professional development, and continue their journeys as lifelong learners.

Today, we are delighted to announce the educators who are leading digital transformation in education through our Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert program.

The Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) program is composed of more than 350,000 educators worldwide, who have joined the Microsoft Educator Community and successfully completed professional development online courses, contributed lesson plans, and connected with other educators across the globe.

This year, we welcome over 8,800 educators selected as Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts (MIEE) for their excellence in teaching and learning. We also want to welcome 180 MIE Experts who have also been selected as Skype Master Teachers.

These educators spark their students’ creativity with thoughtful integration of Microsoft technologies to improve learning outcomes. They inspire all of us with their student-centered approaches to learning that make a true difference in the lives of their students. They constantly seek new and innovative ways to incorporate 21st century learning into their classrooms and help students build future-ready skills to help them succeed in school, life and career. They go beyond their own classrooms by working with other educators in professional learning networks that impact students across their region and the world.

Each year, MIE Experts share their best practices and work together, both in-person and online, through the Microsoft Educator Community. Some of the opportunities MIE Experts have access to include:

  • Providing Microsoft engineers with valuable insights and ideas, to evolve technology and improve teaching and learning practices based on classroom experience
  • Gaining access to professional and career development opportunities and certifications
  • Hosting regional events showcasing their use of Microsoft technology in the classroom

We know these educators will continue to do amazing things for their students and look forward to partnering with them throughout the coming year.

Hear from MIE Experts about what this community means to them:

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