Intelligent Math Quiz suggestions coming to Microsoft Forms!

Back in June, we talked about creating a Math quiz in Microsoft Forms. Today, we are making this process easier and faster by introducing intelligent suggestions for answers and questions. These features are being rolled out to users this week.

Answers suggestions

When you create a Math multiple choice question and enter your equation, you will be offered both the correct and incorrect solutions that you can add as answer options for your students. You can click on the individual suggestion or use Add all to add these suggestions. 

Incorrect answer.png

Question suggestions

 When you create a Math choice question and press + to add the next one, Forms will show you question suggestions similar to your previous question. You can choose to add all or some of them to your quiz by selecting and clicking on Add all or Add selected

Similar Question.png

We hope you enjoy using Microsoft Forms, and if you have any questions or feedback, we would love to hear from you at

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