Welcome to the Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) Expert Spotlight Series Podcast, a partnership between Microsoft Education and the TeacherCast Educational Network. In each episode, host Jeff Bradbury, a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, interviews other MIEs to share and showcase what they are doing in their classrooms using Microsoft tools and applications.

If you’ve wondered about how other teachers have brought Minecraft: Education Edition, virtual field trips, and even Hip Hop into their classrooms, you’ll probably pick up a few pointers in this playlist!

The podcast can be found on all podcasting platforms in both audio and video formats – just pick one below, or listen to individual episodes from our full playlist below. Most episodes are between 30 and 60 minutes long.

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Season 2 Episodes

Episode 1: 3 Ways to Participate in Skype-a-Thon

We take a look at the Hack the Classroom event with California educator Tammy Dunbar and learn how you can prepare your students for the 2017 Skype-a-Thon, with help from Paul Watkins and Gina Ruffcorn.

Episode 2: Looking Back at 2017 and Reflecting on Amazing Moments with Microsoft Education

We speak to Principal Product Manager Mike Tholfsen from the Microsoft Education Team about his favorite moments from 2017.

Episode 3: Computer Science Education for All Students

We learn from MIE Doug Bergman how any school can create an exceptional Computer Science program that includes all students.

Episode 4: Calling All Educators: Applications for the 2018 #MIEExpert Program are Now Open!

We welcome Sonja and Robyn back on the podcast to discuss the 2018 MIE Program. Together, we discuss the reasons why hundreds of thousands of educators call the MIE program their second family and we discuss how you can become an MIE Expert in 2018! 

Episode 5: @Skype in the Classroom: Giving Your Students the Field Trip of a Lifetime

We speak with MIEExperts Amy and Valerie about innovative ways they create virtual field trips for their students, using Skype in the Classroom.

Episode 6: Microsoft Innovative Educator: Toney Jackson Shares How to Bring Hip-Hop into the Classroom

We welcome MIEExpert Toney Jackson from New Jersey to discuss how he uses Hip Hop to motivate and engage his 4th-grade students.

Episode 7: Microsoft Showcase Schools

We invite Josh Sawyer, Senior Manager for US Education for Microsoft, and educators Scott Bricker and Alyson Dame to discuss the Microsoft Showcase Schools Program. 

Episode 8: What Can You Do with Windows 10 This School Year?

At ISTE, Shindy and Javier joined the podcast to discuss the power of inking and what advantages it brings to the classroom.

Episode 9: Learn What 20,000 Educators Were Talking About at the Microsoft EDU Booth During the ISTE Conference

Learn why educators today are all catching #FlipgridFever!

Episode 10: Microsoft Education Releases Two Major Updates for Minecraft: Education Edition

Jeff sits down with Sara Cornish and Trish Cloud from the Minecraft Education team at the Microsoft Education booth. The big announcement at the ISTE Conference revolved around the two new updates for Minecraft Education Edition.

Episode 11: Microsoft Education News: Summertime Updates from Microsoft Office 365, Teams and OneNote

I had the opportunity to sit down with Tricia Van Hollebeke, Justin Chando and Mike Tholfsen from the Microsoft Education team at the Microsoft Education booth at ISTE.

Season 1 Episodes

Episode 0: Introducing the Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert: Spotlight Series Podcast

Jeff sits down with Sonja Delafosse and Robyn Hrivnatz from the Microsoft Education team to discuss what makes the MIE program special and how you can become an MIE yourself.

Episode 1: How Can We Use Office 365 for Professional Development in Our Schools?

Jeff sits down with Cal Armstrong to discuss how his school district is using Office 365 to provide dynamic and collaborative professional development.

Episode 2: College and Career Ready: How to Set Your Students Up for Success

Jeff sits down with David Harcrow to discuss how he is providing a college- and career-ready curriculum that can not be felt in K-12, but well beyond graduation day.

Episode 3: Tech Coaches: How Can We Create a Safe Learning Environment for Our Struggling Learners?

Jeff talks to MIE Master Trainer Laura Stanner to discuss how we can help our struggling readers.

Episode 4: How Can We Use Technology To Raise The Bar in Special Education Classrooms?

Jeff sits down with Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert and Special Education Educator Lauren Pittman to discuss how technology can be used in the classroom to assist in teaching our exceptional learners.

Episode 5: Using Skype Video Conferencing to Connect Our Classrooms

Jeff speaks to Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert Stacey Ryan to discuss how Skype video conferencing is being used to connect her classrooms worldwide.

Episode 6: What makes the Microsoft Education Community So Special?

Jeff talks to Pennsylvania educator Michael Soskil (@msoskil) about why YOU should participate in Skype-a-Thon.

Episode 7: Keeping Professional Development Fun and Exciting for Your Teachers

Jeff sits down with Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert and MIE Trainer Alex Handy to discuss how he has turned professional development into a successful and enjoyable experience for his teachers and his school district.

Episode 8: How Do We Teach Our Students Practical Entrepreneurship?

We welcome MIE Expert Ole Johnny Devik onto the program to discuss how he brings the world of business and marketing into the classroom.

Episode 9: What Makes a Great Data Assessment Tool?

We welcome MIE Expert Mick Hellgren onto the program to discuss a fantastic (and free) tool from Microsoft called Power BI.

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