Seattle Preparatory School standardizes on Microsoft Education solutions

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In Seattle, Phil Dietrich, IT Director at Seattle Preparatory School, is passionate about perpetuating the learning legacy of the 125-year-old institution. To that end, he helps the faculty conduct teachings while preparing their students for a technology-dependent, interconnected future.

When Seattle Prep decided to standardize on a solution in 2017, they chose Microsoft Education solutions and Surface devices. A major reason was the easy-to-manage technology tool set Phil and his staff could use for the future – something they weren’t getting from their original deployment of Apple technology in 2014.

Now, with over 600 Microsoft Surface devices running Windows 10 and Office 365, Phil’s inkling was right: Intune for Education has made it easy for his team to manage and configure devices across their educator and student cohorts.

“When I arrived 4 years ago,” said Phil, “the teachers and staff had already been using Microsoft Office products: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Office 365, Outlook and Exchange email services.” It wasn’t hard for faculty and administration to agree that “Office 365 is the path forward for all the students at the school.”

Seattle Prep is just one of thousands of schools worldwide who have adopted Microsoft Surface devices running Windows 10 and Office 365, with Intune for Education to manage it all.

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