Cyberbullying is a widespread issue among teens. According to the Cyberbullying Research Center, more than one in three teens have been cyberbullied. This October, in recognition of National Bullying Prevention Month, Microsoft Store will offer parents, educators and teens free in-store workshops and online tools to identify and address cyberbullying.

Microsoft Store has partnered with cyberbullying experts to host new, free “Preventing and Combating Cyberbullying” workshops, that help provide guidance and solutions to identify the various forms of cyberbullying while emphasizing actionable advice in a safe and understanding environment, at all Microsoft Stores in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico.

The workshops were inspired by 11-year-old Nasir Andrews, who courageously detailed her experiences of being bullied at school, in a powerful, now-viral video before starting her own anti-bullying campaign, #BackDownBully.

“When I was being bullied, I wished there was someone to talk to,” said Nasir Andrews, founder of #BackDownBully. “I tried to look for help on the internet and at school, but it was hard to find. Resources would have made me feel like I had help and support.”

Microsoft Store realizes our responsibility to help parents, educators and teens navigate the complexities that come with the opportunities of technology. No student should feel powerless in situations of bullying, like Nasir did. Our “Preventing and Combating Cyberbullying” workshops aim to equip students with the easily accessible resources they need to feel safe when using technology. The workshops pair technology with information and actionable tips, teaching parents how to identify the problem, while helping students create an action plan to cope with current and future situations.

The one-hour workshops, which run through to the end of October, are designed for parents, educators and students ages 13 and up, but everyone is welcome to participate. You can register for workshops today online or in person at your local Microsoft Store. 

Cyberbullying can be hard to identify. That’s why Microsoft Store created a “decision tree” with helpful guidance for parents to identify the signs of cyberbullying and advice to keep their kids safe. Cyberbullying is a top concern for parents, yet most of today’s parents didn’t grow up using social media which can make recognizing the signs difficult. Our decision tree will provide parents and educators will helpful guidance to navigate the complexities of cyberbullying.

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Meanwhile, teens can check out our anti-cyberbullying GIFs on GIPHY. Teens are encouraged to be a friend to everyone by posting these animated GIFs to speak out against cyberbullying and in defense of anyone being bullied online.

For more information about the workshops and resources, visit the Microsoft Store events page and Microsoft Store GIPHY page.