As we highlighted in our announcement on October 15th, it is estimated that one in five students has dyslexia. To support these students we became the first company to sign the Made by Dyslexia pledge: to give the 700 million people with dyslexia around the world access to technology that empowers them to excel in their academic journey, and in life.

As part of this pledge, we are partnering with companies that share this desire. We are pleased to announce the new edition of GraphoGame: Kids Learn to Read is now available for Windows 10 in the Microsoft Store for Education.

GraphoGame is an early childhood education game that helps children learn to read and spell their first letters, syllables and words in English. Based on decades of brain and dyslexia research, GraphoGame uses a proven methodology studied in collaboration with the University of Cambridge Centre for Neuroscience in Education and researchers in Finland.

GraphoGame adapts to the learner’s skill level and provides literacy analytics for parents and teachers to track their child’s progress and quickly identify who requires further support, increasing confidence in struggling and dyslexic readers.

In a study by the Education Endowment Foundation, designed to rigorously test the impact of the game on Year 2 pupils, teachers found the intervention “easy to implement and considered it highly engaging.” The results showcased a reading test score average improvement of 13.3 percent and a spelling test score average improvement of 16.7 percent, in line with normal teacher-led practices for pupils requiring additional literacy support.

In a recent article by the University of Cambridge on dyslexia, it was stated: The app, GraphoGame, has been shown to be as effective as one-to-one teacher support but any number of children can be playing at the same time.”

For more information and to try GraphoGame, click here.