“In a world that is constantly changing, education, teaching, and learning cannot remain stagnant.” – Georges Filippousis, Greece

Georges Filippousis
Teacher, Research Fellow University of Crete
Leonteios School of Athens
Athens, Greece 

For veteran MIE Expert Georges Filippousis, our ever-changing world is by far the biggest challenge he sees as an educator, along with ensuring that his students acquire the appropriate skills and develop critical thinking and creativity within a framework of responsibility, mutual respect, and co-operation. For Filippousis, the answers to these challenges are various pedagogical methods, using technology for the benefit of students, and aiming at the challenges of the 21st century.

“In a world that is constantly changing, education, teaching, and learning cannot remain stagnant,” Filippousis tells us. “There is need for a variety of activities and methods that technology can support, so that students get motivated, organized, cooperative, empowered, and creative.”

Filippousis is an advocate for student voice and placing students at the center of the learning process.

“The student becomes the creator,” he says. “Based on learning and pedagogical theories, students have the opportunity and the ability to engage actively in the learning process in a creative way by utilizing Microsoft collaborative tools.”

His class uses basic tools like OneNote Class Notebook, and advanced learning tools like Office 365 for Education. In their Class Notebook, students integrate content with tools like PowerPoint, Word, and Sway for collaboration, communication and personal learning. Whether it’s telling a story with PowerPoint or using Skype to collaborate with other students in Greece, Filippousis ensures his students and classes have a multi-dimensional learning environment.

“Learning with ICT support allows students to create, to be independent, and to cooperate,” he tells us. “Students think critically and analytically to solve problems and they are actively involved in the learning process through research, questions, and reflection. Last but not least, students and the teacher act together in the learning process. They learn together. The teacher’s role has changed to a mediator of the entire process — an assistant and a coordinator.”

But perhaps most important to Filippousis is when he sees his efforts pay off in his students’ attitudes and approach to learning.

“The most important moments are those moments when we realize that students come joyfully into the classroom,” he shares with us. “It is the moment when we realize that the students have an incentive to learn. It is the moment that we observe that the pupils reveal their imagination and creativity. I have taught many students and teachers with Microsoft tools, and indeed the results are impressive. I am constantly keeping myself updated through the Microsoft Educator Community to improve teaching and learning. ”

You can connect with George Filippousis on his Microsoft Educator Community profile, Twitter (@filvisg), or on his blog.  

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